Services Offered

We offer you a comprehensive, one-stop shop,

where we can handle all aspects of your investment property.  Our tiered structure means you are not paying for a service you do not require.  We can prepare and market your property to maximise your returns. Time is money, and we can save you time, sparing you the hassel of the management of a short term rental at the same time as maximising your income from your valuable investment!

Our team are professionals with experience.

We work with you to create goals.  We do daily pricing checks, analyse the market and strategise pricing to ensure we get you the best return we can whatever your investment objective is.

We maximise your investment.

We can handle everything to do with preparing your property for the short term rental market; creating listings and marketing your property to its advantage, dealing with guest bookings, liaising with guests, communicating with third parties if required, turnover of the property, cleaning and laundry of linen, payment.  We can offer additional services like furniture packages, maintenance or extra guest services too.  We work with you, and your property to ensure our service maximises your investment!

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