Success Stories

What Our Customers Are Saying

K and her new partner were still not committed to fully moving in together when she contacted Short Term Rental Management. After an assessment with our team, she decided to prepare her property for short term rental through Airbnb. We manage her property so it is available for her on nights she chooses, but she can lock and leave on nights she’s away and receive a good rental return. She enjoys the flexibility and the extra income, while retaining her own space when she needs it.

K travels on a regular basis. Her home can be empty for periods of up to 3 months at a time. She used to pay for a house sitter, but chose to contact our company on a whim. We completed an assessment and gave her some advice. We fully managed her property when she was on holiday for 6 weeks and she was delighted to earn $7,200. K is happy as she does not need to organize cleaners or communicate with guests while she is away, she simply sees the money at the end of the month!

L was apprehensive about turning one of his rental properties into short term accommodation. He thought it was a big risk furnishing the property and unsure if he was going to get the rental return. After an assessment with our team, he engaged our full services including furniture package and was pleasantly surprised that his tiny studio unit earns on average $1200 for the month. He has earned 2.5 times more than he would have made long term. L is now turning one of his larger properties into a short-term rental.

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