About Us

We are Christchurch’s leading short-term rental management company.

We offer specialized short-term rental services and solutions to our clients to enhance their income with ZERO upfront costs!

We are an independent Rental Management organization that utilises a variety of booking platforms according to your market.

Our aim is to provide full support and solutions to our clients on how to maximise their return on their investment properties, while minimising risks.

Our clients are our priorities and many have seen exponential growth of income from advertising to the short-term rental market rather than the long term rental.  Our clients prefer the control they have with short-term rental, and many choose a completely hands-off management service, knowing their property is well cared for!

As one of the leading property rental service providers, ST Rental Management prides ourselves in bringing advanced and quality services to our clients. We are confident in the service we provide so we have Zero upfront fees for our Airbnb Property Management Service. So, don’t worry about arranging money before knocking at our door.

How can we help you?

We can offer management services, even if you are looking to rent out part of your own home.

We can tailor our services to meet your goals. Our unique plans will definitely assist your investment goals.  We work with clients who are looking to pay off their home loan faster, or just free up some cash. We also have customized plans and our friendly team members will work with you to understand your requirements and create goals. You can rent out a spare room for days and for times that suit you and earn without any hassle.  If you are going for a holiday, we can help you by providing an extra income for your time away by renting out your home until you return. 

Our Tiered Services

ST Rental Management provides a complete package of services. We can provide a wrap-around service, leaving you completely hands free. Or alternatively, you can retain some of the hands-on management and leave the rest to us. 

Our exposure to the market helps us to analyze and evaluate different marketing goals, and estimate rental income potential based on various economic parameters. Since our experts keep track of the latest happenings and changes in the industry, you can rely upon our Airbnb property management services. 

The best part of hiring our services is that ST Rental Management used tiered services based on individual requirements of the customers. We will assess your property, discuss expectations and requirements, conduct market research and work with you to formulate a short-term rental management goal. Our team of professionals will design an Airbnb property management service that suits your needs and keep you fully informed. We create your listing, and manage the day to day running of your rental. For properties that are vacant, we can work with you to deliver a furniture package so your guests have a warm and inviting place to stay. We can look after the cleaning and even the maintenance of the property. Our short-term management service is professional, and we are experts in the field. We pride ourselves with being a professional Airbnb Property Management Service and we provide excellent service to your guests, ensuring they enjoy their time away from home! 

Contact Us now to realise your short-term rental management goals.

Why choose us?

Our experienced team can assist you with analysing the potential return on investment if you are looking to purchase a property.

Our skilled professionals are highly expert in analyzing and offering right advice about investing on short term rental services. We can help you make wise decisions and easily increase your rental income.

We will offer management services that are designed to your needs.  We can offer a minimal management structure or we can offer a full and bespoke service where you can remain entirely hands-off.  We remove the hassle and improve your rental potential.

Best of all, our fee structure means there is no up-front cost.  Our initial fee can be deducted from the income your property generates!  Contact us now to learn more.

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