Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a guest causes damage?

This is a common question with Airbnb Rental Management. Thankfully, this is not something that happens often, but if it does happen, there are ways the damage can be covered.

If the damage is wear and tear, and reasonable in the circumstances, this is something you should cover to have repaired. However, for issues that are more major, or intentional damage or loss, we will contact the guest and work to put the right. Sometimes, this does not resolve the issue, in which case we will utilise the Airbnb resolution centre. This means Airbnb help mediate the situation and assist us to recover any damages over. If the matter is more severe, we will work with any other parties to assist you to resolve the issue.

If you are concerned about the possibility of loss or damage, then we can arrange to take a bond from each guest as part of the booking process.
We have experienced these processes and successfully recovered losses, so you can be assured. Our team are professional Airbnb Managers and expert in dispute resolution.

Do I need insurance?

We recommend you discuss with your insurance company whether your cover extends to rental activity of this nature. We recommend you have full insurance as well as Public Liability insurance. An insurance adviser can provide insight into the risks that ought to be covered.
As a responsible Airbnb Rental Management Company we do advocate for sufficient insurance cover, but we understand this differs from property to property which is why we suggest you take your own independent advice.

When we use Airbnb, you will be covered by the “host Guarantee” protection. You can read more about it here: Click Here

There are some requirements to when this can be used and we recommend you still have your own insurance cover.

We cannot be responsible for the insurance on your property, or items in your property or outside of your property. We do strongly recommend all of our property owners have sufficient cover in place.

What size of house do I need?

The success of short term rental does not depend on the size of your home.
In our experience, there is a market for all sizes of house! We can give bespoke advice as part of our Airbnb and Short Term Rental Management Service.
The amount of income derived from rental can be reflected not only by location, but by the amount of travellers that can stay in the property. It is more cost effective for families or groups of travellers to split the cost between more than 2. If you are able to offer more than one bed, it allows travellers to have the option of beds each, if need be. Business colleagues might like to travel this way. If you want to increase the beds, but do not have the space, a good solution is a sofa bed. There are plenitful options for all markets and we are here to support you with your short term rental management plan.
Our team can help you work out what the best option for your property is, and even help you with a furniture package if required.

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