Fee Structure

We offer you a comprehensive, full service, with no upfront cost.

We can handle all aspects of your investment property.  Our tiered structure means you are not paying for a service you do not require.  We can prepare and market your property to maximise your returns. Time is money, and we save you time, sparing you the hassle of the management of a short term rental at the same time as maximising your income from your valuable investment

Initial Setup Fee

Our initial set up cost of $250 + GST can be deducted from your rental income once bookings come in!

We will offer advice on your property and create a listing fee determination by working with you. Our competitive rental management fees mean that you can maximise your income, with as little hassle as possible. We will take professional photographs and create an advert for your property which will go live on multiple booking sites once you complete your sign up with us.

This price also includes our team creating an in-home manual for your guests to ensure they have all information required for a pleasant stay.

Standard Service Fee

Our Standard Rate Management fee is 15% + GST. This service fee covers:

  • Our team reviews your property and compares it with other properties and market demand to ensure maximum income is achieved.
  • Guest engagement – bookings, queries, phone/email correspondence and guest reviews.
  • Facilitation of check in.
  • Collection of payment.
  • Organising cleaning of property following guest check out.
  • Addressing guest problems as they arise during their stay.

A standard property cleaning will be charged directly to the guest for each stay and includes linen cleaning. This is separate from your property’s rate.

Extra Services

We offer a range of extra services with $POA

Furniture Packages

Our furniture packages are bespoke, designed to maximise your property’s potential. We work with you to determine a style and budget. As a team of experienced professionals we can advise you where money should be spent, and how we can save money to avoid unnecessary outlays. We furnish our properties to a standard that meets the market niche we aim for, so no two properties will be the same.

We will provide you with a comprehensive quote to determine what should be spent to customise your property, ready to welcome its first guests.

Property Maintenance

If you are an out of town owner, or simply too busy to do your own maintenance, we can offer maintenance management. We will contact reputable tradespeople to find a solution to the issue and once you have agreed to the work we will ensure it is completed in a timely manner.
($10% of the total invoice).

Formal Property Reports

We can offer reports which include a full analysis of your property and a written report providing you with details of how to make your property more appealing to potential guests

On Demand Reports

Real time access to reports and future bookings allows you to really monitor what your investment is doing. Our competitive short term management fees ensure you maximise your potential and you can see that happening in real-time!

($25+GST per month)